About Suici

Commune Suici is located in the northern part of the Arges county, on the old country road linking Curtea de aArges, the Basarabs’ residence , to Lovistea’s Cuntry. The commune borders the « Oak », a centuries-old tree, aging over 1500 years, with a 2,20 m diameter and 10 m girth.

Its trunk is preserved in the park of the Forest District Suici, as a natural monument. The legend says that Michael the Brave ( Mihai Viteazul) made a stop under its old shadow, in 1599, on his way to Transilvania via The Red Tower ( turnul Rosu) during the military campaign preceeding the battle from Selimber. Commune Suici, which is separated from commune Cepari at its southern point by this oak, heads towards North along a nice touristic road : Tigveni –Caineni. The commune is located in the area that makes the transition from the hills to Fagaras Mountains, a zone with high hills crossed by deep brooks and torrential streams and therefore it represents a good location for the touristical development of a less exploited area in the North-Western part of the Arges county. The place can be an entering point to tourism  development on Toplog’s Valley.